Some Words

     Hoecake - n. cornbread that is baked on the blade of a... hoe. (whoa.)
     Ho hum - interj. used to express

     Hoedown - n. A dance that is square and never

     Hod - n. a trough carried over the shoulder for transporting
     Cod, coal or Al.

     Hog Peanut - n. the peanut of a
     Hog. But Not and never of a sow.

     Hokum - n. something impressive but which's (whose?) veracity is
     Broken (Who's veracity is broken? The Witch's)

     Hole - n.(?) a cavity in a solid, a kind of
     Bowl of lackingnousness.


JJPS Elevator Music XVI

Jasper Johns 0 Through 9

     "Revolutionary art and visionary physics attempt to speak about matters that do not yet have words. That is why their languages are so poorly understood by people outside their fields."
          - Leonard Shlain (Art and Physics)

Elevator Music

warm, dry grass, dry field
dry swatch swallowing rocks
dry sea tide and sea stack
in the sun (it must be in the sun)
whispering the order of sound
the singing fields constant
the lighted thisness thistening
as you lay down to die
an old falcon to be eaten
by new falcons
but first, to lie in the grass
to be the thing you've wanted
all your life for a second