PageBoy IV 12 Release Party

Drew Christie's
"Union Grove..."
ink and watercolor on paper
     PageBoy Magazine is celebrating the release of its fourth issue! March 10 7-9:30 pm. at the Hedreen Gallery (905 12th Ave) Come hear Sierra Nelson, Jeff Encke, Stacey Levine, Alex Bleecker, Jeremy Springsteed, John Wesley Horton, and Nico Vassilakis read poetry and prose. Come watch short animated films by Drew Christie. Come hear Probable Musical Antics. Come buy a copy of the new issue, with work from the above as well as Ed Skoog, Amalio MadueƱo, and Mary Ellen McAuley Stewart. Just come, don’t worry, it’s fine. There will be wine and funyuns, those funny onions.


A Biological Sport

Horrified medical student observing biological sport (I can't beLIEVE she's wearing that blouse!).
     "Gertrude Stein’s importance is a myth. She is enormously interesting as a phenomenon of the power of personality and as a symptom of a frantic, fumbling, nightmare age – our present – and it is as such that she will live. Later ages will gather about the corpses of her work like a cluster of horrified medical students around a biological sport."
          -B.L. Reid.

     One of my favorite quotes regarding anyone and anything! Perhaps PageBoy will be thought of someday in such glowing terms.


True Sentences

I spy with my eyes morgue is bored.
     "I think that we cannot, indeed that we may not, use the old images because they would sound insincere coming from our mouths. We must find true sentences, which are worthy of our own zone of consciousness and of our changed world."
     - Ingeborg Bachmann

True Sentence 1: Even the hardest brick is soft in the mouth.

T.S. 2: The best smorgasbords never speak their name.

T.S. 3: While it may be true that a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush, it is also true that a hand in the bush is worth more than two on the bird.

T.S. 4: Hate what is evil, cling to what is good, unless what is evil is really really good.

T.S. 5: Know thyself: when in doubt, don't question just about everything.



Do you like to color trains?

"Reality circulates making objects appear as if they belong where they are."
          -Lyn Hejinian

     "In the world everything is as it is and happens as it does happen."
          -El Wittgenstein

     In the poem everything is as it is and happens as it does happen. Each line appears as if it belongs with every other line of course it does how else. I like to beat people up, my dream a crumpled horn, my horn a Norfolk train, my my, how the flies do time.