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The Poems He Would Have Written

one of her best lines is of course her hairline!

     "...when Gertrude Stein wrote the poems called Before the Flowers of Friendship Faded Friendship Faded she began writing them as translations of a group of poems in French by her friend Georges Hugnet. They are far from being literal translations, even in the beginning, but they take their point of departure from his poems, and they remained 'the poems he would have written if he had written them.'"
              -Thornton Wilder in his essay on G.S. "Four in America."


We're Not Shy

PageBoy's been a-traveling, and this time we made it all the way to the big shy shoulders of Chi-cago. Purchase the new issue extrovertedly at Quimby's on North Ave. http://www.quimbys.com/


The One-Eyed Giant

"Most of the time we see only a portion of the person with us, the other parts are hidden by a hat or clothes or by light or shadow. Every one is accustomed to completing the whole entirely by memory. But when Picasso saw a single eye, the other ceased to exist for him."
                            --Gertrude Stein

Whereas often the prose writer's business is to communicate in fullto deliver through seamless language the perfectly framed thought, the argument intact, the most artful reportage—the poet falls wholly in love with one-eyed language. With language's beautifully uncooperative profile. Heather McHugh describes, for example, Dickinson and Celan's lyrical structures as "a math of the missing." Says McHugh: "[Poetry's] economies operate by powers of intimation: glimmering and glints, rather than exhaustible sums...It is the space that defines the words, the skull the kiss, the hole the eye."