Issue V Release Party Pics/Vid

     Some photos from the Issue V release party:
the seeing fields and the hearing forest
the four hoarse men harassing 
Paul Nelson playing 'I Spy Pim'
Bill Carty impersonating Bill Carty
George Ciardi casting an analog spell
Alex Bleecker reading five poems at once
Sarah Galvin in Sarah Galvin wig
Jeremy Springsteed cropping his fingers off
Sierra Nelson has published more books than she has hands
The Editor drank so much wine his hands, even, were blurry 
     And if pictures aren't enough, video has been posted here: Wow. Enjoy!


I'm a Monkey!

Self Portrait of Myself Writing This Blog

     "What can be said, can be said clearly. What cannot be said clearly, is not in the world and one must be silent about it."
          - Wittgenstein.
     I have this quote written in one of my notebooks. I just realized today that I've been misreading it (because my handwriting is so horrible) as saying "What cannot be said clearly, is not in the world and one cannot be silent about it." As in, one is compelled to art by those things outside of the world that we cannot say. The very fact that they cannot be said necessitates the attempt to say them. I've long thought that poetry was an attempt to say what is impossible to say. To speak the unspeakable. And anything sayable isn't worth saying at all.
     Wittgenstein though is talking about God. He has said that he likes the idea of a silent religion, and I agree with him there. He was not referring to the arts, so I am not only misreading, but taking the quote out of context and applying it to a different subject altogether. This, I guess, is also what poets do. That ruthless and unethical race of baboons.


Hate Gass

City of Hate

     "Getting even is one great reason for writing. I write because I hate. A lot. Hard. My hatred is much of me, if not the best part."
                 -William Gass.