PageBoy Hedreen Recording!

Greg Bem is front left, dressed as Khaela M. of The Blow.

     If you want to relive the Hedreen reading, you can, thanks to Greg Bem and his ubiquitous, spy issue fountain pen tape recorder (series 5.01). And if you missed it, you can now laugh, cry, and sigh along as if you were really there then when we did that thing we did.
     Here's the top secret link: awp award.


The Worm in the Apple.

This is a red apple.
     PageBoy Magazine can now be found and fondled at Green Apple Books at 506 Clement St. in SFCA, so go get it, what are you waiting for?
     PageBoy Magazine: Better Than Dolores Park.

Help! Literature Is Not Self Help.

     Maggie Nelson, in discussing Alexander Trocchi's Cain's Book, claims that the book "disallows the delusion that writing necessarily connects us to humanity, that it will help us quit noxious substances, that it will restore us to love lost, or at least serve as a consolation. Literature," she concludes, "is not, after all, self-help."
          - from The Art of Cruelty.


Lyn Hejinian in the Bath

A Thick Egg.
     "If words matched their things we'd be imprisoned with walls of symmetry. As for we who 'love to be astonished,' thicken the eggs in a bath Marie."
          -Lyn Hejinian.