In Stores Now! / Elevator Music I

     So if you REALLY don't want to buy direct from we here at PageBoy and would feel more comfortable perusing first, purchasing second, I suppose we understand. The list of stores carrying PageBoy is growing daily. Here's what we have so far: in Seattle you can get your PageBoy at University Bookstore, Revenna Third Place Books, Broadway News, Elliot Bay Bookstore, and Bulldog News; in Olympia WA you can find PageBoy at Orca Books.
     PageBoy is coming soon to Boulder CO, Portland OR, and SFCA... Don't step in it!
     In the meantime, consider this a bit of elevator music (in the 'Satiesian' sense):

The Hordes Swarm

around the vacillating mobiles
Alexander Calder, now dead
once hung, now hung
in the coruscant light
of their own making

here, on the fourth floor
on huge turn buckles
on display onerously suspended

we'll make it here this time
with help from these spinning constellations
to some otherworld, far above
the traffic lights and tourists

I love the traffic lights and tourists
love the pressure of cities
their hardness and ability
to reflect themselves again and again
in taxis, rain and leather
to overwhelm with noise
and to hide little oases like this:

        mobile gently swaying
                         above an
   awed field of murmers
           the residual beauty of
 a man gone
                  whose hands still
       can be seen
  tying wire
                         bending steel

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