Over-mind not Over Mined


    Here are some quotes from H.D.'s amazing little sketch of a book Notes on Thought and Vision.

     "If you cannot be seduced by beauty, you cannot learn the wisdom of ugliness."

     "There is no trouble about art. There is already enough beauty in the world of art, enough in the fragments and in the almost perfectly preserved charioteer at Delphi alone to remake the world.
     There is no trouble about the art, it is the appreciators we want."
     "My sign-posts are not yours, but I have my own trail, it may help to give you confidence and urge you to get out of the murky, dead, old, thousand-times explored old world, the dead world of overworked emotions and thoughts.
     But the world of great creative artists is never dead. The new schools of destructive art theorists are on the wrong track. Because Leonardo and his kind are never old, never dead. Their world is never explored, hardly even entered. Because it needs an over-mind or a slight glimmering of over-mind intelligence to understand over-mind intelligence."

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