Oh Doctor!

Theodore Geissel in Dr. Seuss glasses.

     "To produce a 60 page book, I may easily write more than 1000 pages before I'm satisfied. The most important thing about me, I feel, is that I work like hell - write, rewrite, reject, re-reject, and polish incessantly."
          -Theodore (Dr.) Seuss Geissel.

     In a later PageBoy interview, Mr. Geissel went on to say that he preferred not to write in cafes or in the rain,
not on boats and not on trains
not in church or after dinner
or while reading Lyn Hejinian or
Gertrude Stein
he never liked Wittgenstein
or The Fat Boys
Pound Eliot or Joyce
even Berrigan's Sonnets
gave him the vomits
and after reading Plaith
he always needed a bath.
The only poet he admitted to liking
was Anvil Hammerstriking
but only all the pre-early muppets and couplets
certainly not the blank verse or German horseshits.

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