Best New Magazine!

Crossing our fingers.

     We are proud to announce that at AWP in Chicago this past weekend, PageBoy Magazine was voted "Best New Magazine! (unable to afford to attend AWP)"
     Of course "new" is a bit misleading, as we've been around for three years now. But we are not ones to quibble over facts, not when receiving awards.
     As part of the award, AWP has offered to fund the magazines' expenses to the 2014 event, which, ironically, takes place in Seattle. As our headquarters are on Capitol Hill in Seattle, this award amounts to five days of bus fare back and forth on the 49, that is, "if the weather requires it." If it rains, we may get up to $25, which though not an exorbitant amount still would put AWP in our "Wow You Really Love Us" category for donors.
     We are very grateful and excited about this award, and hopeful that the weather will be shit in 2014!


peN said...

Wow, that's way cool. Congratulations. They have good taste.

Gregory Laynor said...