Irish Football Coach Korg Delusional!

Korg during his time as Poetic Consultant to Ireland's football team (2010). The Irish failed to qualify for the World Cup, though Korg stated famously "won, we've won, before the games've begun." He was sacked shortly thereafter under suspicions that he was "delusional." When asked to respond, he stated simply: "I'm unaware of any accusations against me."

     "Reading poetry does not help us to do anything; it simply helps us to gain a greater awareness of our experiences than we can achieve ourselves."

     "A poem does not offer a copy of, or a comment upon actuality, but a sensation of insight peculiar to itself. Its value does not depend upon its 'truth' to reality, but on its ability to provide, within itself, a clear and coherent experience."

     -both quotes from Jacob Korg in An Introduction to Poetry, sometimes it's nice to be reintroduced.

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