PageBoy Reading 12/1 Seattle!

Happy Holidays! 
     PageBoy Magazine is pleased to announce the release of its fifth issue! We are celebrating on Saturday, December 1st at 7 p.m. The party/reading/show will be at Kaleidoscope Vision (1419 10th Ave) on Capitol Hill (Seattle). 
     Readers will include current contributors Sierra Nelson, William Carty, Jeremy Springsteed, Sarah Galvin, Alex Bleecker, and Paul Nelson. Photographer George Ciardi will be showing prints. The We Don't Know Yets will be playing music. Also: I don't know what else, it could be anything!
     Magazines will be for sale! Wine will be for free! 
     Please join us in this pre-emptive pagan event so that together we might end this endless yuletide squabbling, and begin again the beginningless pagan offering. Okay?

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Gregory Bem said...

Let's get ready. To. Ramble. I mean rumble.