PageBoy in the Library / Elevator Music IV

     PageBoy is now cataloged in the library at The Evergreen State College, where, due to the special non-biodegradable fibers I had the printer impress into the cover stock, it will remain for the next 5,000 years or until 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends, whichever comes first. Until one of those things occurs, here is some more elevator music:

from Toward A Poetics

that fire hydrant hasn't moved in months
I've been watching it
waiting for it, resisting it

for in resolve endures
happy yellow deistic rain
and nut trees

I'm trying to say something here
     that I love you
as Groucho Marx loved
all oblong and obfuscated
awkwardly truncated of a leg-like evening
and then
with resolve
     I love you! can't you see that I love you!
clear as a moustache
gushing forth in platitudes
and fine hyperbole, irreverent cliche

I want to give you
     all the things
I'm not supposed to give

morning summers and hands
beach shaped boxes and hearts

I want to lay a head cheese in your lap
and put my tongue in it
my feet, my hog
all of my boiled parts and jelly

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