PageBoy in Portland / Elevator Music II

     PageBoy arrives in Portland today. You can find it at... I'll let you know tomorrow. In the meantime, here's more elevator music:

there's little that occurs in a night
that will render our next days obsolete
though we wish it
and cling to the hope that
this time
this night
this place
will be different
so postponing the proverbial Monday morning
we look beyond in the frontispiece of our skulls

of course, there are glimpses
and even real successes along the way
but these only work to perpetuate the myth
we are liars if we believe them
cowards if we don't

this, then, is for you:
a bucket, a rope, a well
a hill and hawthorn trees
beyond them a field of fireweed
sloping down in the orange evening light
to a small sandstone village
roofed with red tile made more red
by dusk and bats and laughter
which we can hear now, and join in
if you want, and disappear forever

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