David Antin Take Off That Hat!

     "...now there were things about this painting i didn't understand     in some sense it looked very low pressure     the way a lot of painting looks in america     that is it looked as if it was not urgent about anything     painting is embarrassed to be about anything     its been embarrassed for a long time     theres a grave sense of embarrassment before the possibility of being about in painting     which they call being literary     and literary is a bad term for a painter because everyone knows that if you paint a painting of anything it shouldnt be about anything but painting..."
          -from David Antin's "remembering   recording   representing" (1973)

     This, said PageBoy Magazine, is one of the funniest and most pointed comments on not only painting, a certain kind of painting anyway, but much of what we all do these days, whether it's writing or painting or badmintoning. Navigating the world of contemporary art is difficult, to say the least, in any era, which volleys a shuttlecock over a high net by means of a light racket touche!

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